clothes Guipure lace the fabric of elegance and grace

Wearing a garment from guipure will help you make a look of a fragile and graceful lady. It is best to wear a gentle guipure dress that allows you to emphasize romance and sensuality. The delicate lace does not hide the beautiful shapes of the body, it gives them a seduction.
The word comes from the French "guipure" and means "air tie". In fact, it is a kind of material, and represents a cloth with tracery interlaced convex.
Originally, the lace is a combination of patterns intertwined with embroidery and sewing slits. Then the wide skirts decorated ladies who thanks to that look even more beautiful and richer.
The story of the script loop begins in Italy in the 16th century. This country is truly recognized as the birthplace of the tie. The first motives were far from modern. Initially, it was a thin band with a simple pointed floral pattern. It was used to decorate the collar. Gradually, the image became more complex and richer, and the narrow strip of tissue was formed. Along with plants and geometric patterns made of steel versions with the image of man, animals and biblical scenes.
Tie Guipure is often made by coupling. In this case, it is more rigid, but seems very gentle and weightless. It consists of convex patterns connected to the connecting elements.
Guipure is incredible. This pleasant lace fabric always pleases. Using this as a decorative element in clothing and accessories, you give it a special feeling of partying and fancy.
For women, it is very important to look attractive, so you should consider style in every detail. Creating a certain style does not require special knowledge.

The "hippie" style consists of several Native American items - feathers, suede accessories. You should have a long or shorter dress. Remember that the guipure pattern must be geometric. Real cloth fabrics - chocolate, white milk.

Style "Boho" is easy to implement with a multi-layered clothing. You can combine guipure with cotton, ruffles, bows and decorative flowers.

A special feature of country style is the hat, cowboy boots and leather accessories. For such an image brown or beige short dress, boots, belt and suede bag will be perfectly suited.
This material is widely used for sewing and decoration such as evening dresses, skirts and blouses, underwear, outerwear (decoration), blazers and jackets.