ethnic style

which helps us to stay in a good mood in cold autumn days and makes us stylish. But before we are starting to dive into its description, let me tell you about history.

It was Hippies who brought the popularity of ethnic style in the 60’s of last century. These people didn’t prefer ethnic dress of a certain nationality, they mix and match clothing of many nationalities and they succeed to do it very organically. That’s why an important role in the creation of ethno-style plays a creative freedom, eternal youth and rebellion, of course, personality.Many people do not perceive the hippies with their philosophy and style, but their manner of getting dressed wasn’t unnoticed.

Ethnic style of clothing

is a perfect choice for those who do not have enough of bright colors in life and who is open to different experiments. There are many variations, originality and exoticism – all this can attract attention to this style. Every nation has its own ethnic style and if you use one or another trend in the ethnic style, you can create unique and vivid image.

African ethnics

is one of the most famous style of clothes and jewelry, it impresses us with a special flavor and passionate temperament.

Prints in the African style,

unusual for our eyes, tribal designs, rich colors of natural fabrics – all these typical signs of African ethnic style in clothing can be seen on fashion runways in almost every season.

Indian ethnics

is characterized by multi-layered items and asymmetry.The traditional colors of the Indian style is red, green, yellow, aubergine, and as well as natural pastels. This country gave stylish modern fashion such clothing items as graceful sari, lightweight, form-fitting tunics, traditional Indian blouses white, stacked, colorful skirts to toe length, trousers with a short top.

Japanese style

has a special feature of clear geometric forms, as a rule trapezoid, square and triangle. Every year, designers take their collections for details and elements from traditional Japanese clothes.

Clothing items are richly decorated with floral prints, most often cherry twigs, bamboo and chrysanthemum, animal print – images of various birds and other animals, the image original Japanese village or the inhabitants themselves. An important point – the Japanese style is characterized by its severity, so the parts of the garment are ideally suited to business and office dress code. Dresses, jackets, shirts and capes can be easily adapted to modern life.

American ethnic country

is a unique mix of elements of Indian culture and traditional clothing items of the inhabitants of the southern states. Cowboy boots and hats, feminine and romantic dress made of transparent chiffon and fine lace, provocative and sexy shorts unpretentious white lace skirt with typical motifs have already become popular ethnic clothing items.

Ethnic heritage of the American country has leather moccasins, decorated with beads, colorful belt with traditional Indian patterns, bags made of suede, trimmed with fringe. Using these and other country-style details, you will be able to pick out the perfect dress in ethnic style of Old America and look sexy and extraordinary.